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A Journey Through Time: The Legacy of The Pearl Inn
In the year 1912, the echoes of Finnish courage and craftsmanship resounded through the creation of what is now known as The Pearl Inn. The hands of immigrant John Kola and his two sons, John Jr. and Otto, meticulously crafted this architectural gem, not merely as a structure, but as a haven of hope. Intending to house the labor that fueled their boat building enterprise, the Kolas set the foundation for a future steeped in history.

The inn’s origins were intertwined with the rhythm of the waves, as it was poised to shelter those instrumental in the Kola family’s maritime pursuits, including the iconic Aallotar fishing boat—still vibrant in its maritime purpose—moored at the Ilwaco port.

But life’s course took a different path, and the boarding house never opened its doors as intended. A family tragedy cast a shadow over the initial plan, a narrative thread that fate wove into its story. The passage of time saw the home embraced by the Kola family and various subsequent owners, each imprinting their own journey upon its walls.

The 1990s witnessed a new chapter in the Kola’s home saga, as it flourished as a bed and breakfast—a haven for travelers seeking respite and connection. Yet, a greater transformation was still to come, born from the shared vision of two lifelong friends, Doug Kraus and Ken Vanderburg, and their spouses, Sandy and Candi. In April 2022, they breathed life anew into The Pearl Inn, rekindling its purpose as a sanctuary of hospitality.

A profound tribute came to fruition with the formation of LLV LLC—a name etched in memory and reverence for Ken’s brother and Doug’s friend, Luther. Their daughter, Paris Vanderburg, a guardian of legacy and passionate participant in the restoration journey, embraced the mantle of Innkeeper, ushering the inn into a new era.

Today, The Pearl Inn stands as a bridge between history and modernity, a vessel of stories waiting to be shared. As you step across its threshold, you walk in the footsteps of visionaries, dreamers, and friends who shaped its destiny. From John Kola’s first stroke of craftsmanship to the friendship of Doug and Ken, each chapter converges in this elegant abode.

Welcome, for there truly is nowhere like the Long Beach Peninsula—an enchanting realm where time, tales, and the eternal rhythm of the ocean meet. Embrace this haven, and let the whispers of the past guide you as you inscribe your own story within its walls.

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Located between Long Beach, Washington (5 minutes) and Astoria, Oregon (15 minutes) we are an ideal basecamp for exploring both of these two destinations.