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Nestled in the heart of Ilwaco, The Pearl Inn presents an exquisite haven of romantic and intimate accommodations on the picturesque Long Beach Peninsula, making it an ideal choice for a bed and breakfast retreat during a romantic getaway in Long Beach. A place where time slows, and connections are deepened, this enchanting retreat beckons couples to weave unforgettable moments and forge lasting bonds.

Step into living history and craftsmanship, where the past meets the present in the embrace of The Pearl Inn. A cornerstone of heritage, this timeless home was meticulously erected in 1919 by the Kola family upon their migration from Finland. This historic abode stands today as a testament to its rich origins, lovingly restored in 2022-2023 to resplendently showcase its history, original artistry, and distinct 5,000 square feet of character.

The Pearl Inn offers five distinctive bedrooms, each an invitation to embark on a unique journey of comfort and elegance. Portraying stunning vistas of the port, these chambers provide more than just a resting place – they are sanctuaries of repose. Book your Bed and Breakfast Long Beach stay today.

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Beyond Your Room

Your journey within The Pearl Inn extends beyond the private chambers. The communal spaces echo with stories waiting to be shared. The lounge, a hub of conviviality, welcomes guests to engage in moments of connection and camaraderie. An array of board games invites laughter and friendly competition, while the dining room becomes a stage for the convergence of flavors and conversations. Seek solace in the reading nook, allowing the pages of a book to transport you to worlds anew, or surrender to the allure of the balcony and porch, each frame revealing panoramic vistas that stretch to the horizon.

Here, every experience is curated, every moment personalized. We eagerly await your arrival, hopeful that you’ll join us soon to partake in the soothing embrace of the Washington coast and an adventure as captivating as your unique love story.

In the embrace of Ilwaco’s tranquil serenity, guests are invited to embark on a journey of connection and togetherness. The charming port’s quiet promenade sets the stage for leisurely strolls hand in hand, as the gentle lull of the waves creates a harmonious soundtrack to your romantic escape. The allure of Ilwaco’s hidden vacation gem extends to the culinary realm, where delectable fresh seafood awaits, inviting you to savor every bite in an ambiance suffused with intimacy.

Around Ilwaco & Long Beach Peninsula

Beyond Ilwaco’s embrace, the surrounding destinations of Astoria and Cape Disappointment beckon, each offering their unique brand of romance and adventure. Just a short 17-mile jaunt from Ilwaco, Astoria casts a spell with historical walks that whisper stories of bygone eras, scenic hikes that lead to breathtaking vistas, and fine dining experiences that kindle the flames of passion. The gentle caress of the sea breeze and the warm embrace of the sandy shores provide the perfect backdrop for moments of beachside relaxation and stolen glances.

Cape Disappointment emerges as a captivating revelation, defying its name with its awe-inspiring beauty. Stand at the edge of the majestic Pacific Ocean, where rugged cliffs stand as steadfast sentinels against the lapping waves. Inhale the crisp ocean air as you take in the spellbinding scenery that unfolds before you. Among the treasures of this enchanting cape lies Deadman’s Cove – a haven of serenity and natural splendor. With its idyllic setting and the luxury of lower foot traffic, it offers an intimate sanctuary for couples to revel in pristine beauty, each wave that kisses the shore a gentle reminder of the eternal rhythm of love.

At The Pearl Inn, romance flourishes amidst the backdrop of Ilwaco’s serenity, the allure of Astoria’s charm, and the breathtaking vistas of Cape Disappointment. As the sun sets over the tranquil waters, the promise of everlasting memories is etched into the very fabric of this hidden gem on the Washington Peninsula.

Perfect Location!!!

Located between Long Beach, Washington (5 minutes) and Astoria, Oregon (15 minutes) we are an ideal basecamp for exploring both of these two destinations.